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Kid's Letter

Mail Bag How many of your friends twitch when they hear the word history? They are probably imagining a Mr. Slapyourwrist, a corpse-like teacher who tortures his young students with quizzes asking for the dates of obscure battles and the names of long-forgotten generals. Well, good news, Mr. Slapyourwrist has retired!

The Cortland County Historical Society has reimagined the history classroom. Our programs, publications and resources create an active learning center fueled by a sense of wonder. As a partner with K-12 and homeschooled children and their teachers, college students, and the entire Cortland community, we nurture that sense of discovery by helping young and adult learners explore the stories behind Cortland's fascinating past. Education is the heart of our mission. Spend some time in class with us. You might be shocked by what you discover!

Our educational resources are professionally designed to provide engaging learning opportunities and can be tailored to meet specific needs and interests. Contact the director with specific questions related to any of the following programs and resources.

Speakers and Publications

From Cortland's connection to the abolitionist movement, an infamous murder case, a famous painter and Abraham Lincoln's cabinet, the Historical Society brings fascinating and educational speakers to the community. We also can provide a speaker for your organization or class. Publications featuring the stories of Cortland County residents are another way we share the history of our community.

Programs and Resources for Teachers, Students and Homeschoolers

Tours of the Suggett House Museum are an obvious tool for educators. We also offer free research opportunities for all students, special speakers who come to you, and educational kits for use in the classroom, your organization or homeschool.

Kits available for loan:

  1. Native American KitLearn more about the history of Cortland County before settlement. See unique artifacts from that time period.
  2. My Grandma’s KitchenMany things have changed in the way we do things at home, especially in the kitchen. With this kit students can view items that were historically used to do the same tasks we complete today.
  3. Civil WarComplete with a Civil War uniform jacket, students see first hand the artifacts from the Civil War, learn more about this time in history and the role people from Cortland County played in the Civil War.
  4. School DaysGo back to the days of one room school houses. Learn about how school was different, complete with a list of rules for teachers.
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