The Suggett House Museum currently features 2 exciting exhibits

At Home: Cortland County Interior Spaces, 1825-1900

Table"At Home" is a permanent display created in l987 by Gail Casky, an expert on 19th century interior decoration. Casky, impressed with the strengths of the Historical Society's eclectic collection of outstanding furniture pieces, recommended the development of vignettes that depict interior spaces from 1825 to the turn of the century. The result was a permanent exhibit that synthesizes key elements of furniture styles, historic interior design and cultural history in Cortland County during that era. Styles featured are High Style Grecian and Vernacular Grecian, the Rococo Revival and the Renaissance Revival. Included in these vignettes are historic photographs of actual interiors of Cortland homes. The exhibit displays the transition from an agrarian mercantile society to an industrial one, with early innovations such as an 1880's ice box, gas lights and other late 19th century household items. Collectively, the vignettes provide a teaching module that is available for regional school districts.

Hometown Heroes

UniformsIn May of 2013 the Suggett House Museum unveiled a newly designed military exhibit "Hometown Heroes". This exhibit strives to put a name and a face to those who fought bravely for our country and call Cortland home. The artifacts do not merely explore the history of war, but tell the story of significant moments in the individuals' lives. Items from the War of 1812, a full section committed to the local regiments of the Civil War and a display of uniforms are just a few examples of what one will discover. Particular items of note include the Militia uniform of Samuel Hathaway, a full collection of reunion ribbons for the 76th regiment, the Congressional Medal of Honor awarded to Llewellyn P. Norton and the World War I uniform of Earle Wright. These items compliment our collection of wartime letters and many photos to remember soldiers from all of America's wars. Will you recognize a name or a face?

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