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Toaster Remember when banks used to give out free toasters when you opened a checking account? It was a perk for becoming a member. Well, the Cortland County Historical Society has lots of toasters. Some are the real old fashioned kind you hang over a flame in your open hearth, but our collections policy forbids us from giving them away. When you renew or become a member, you won't get a toaster, but you will get a warm feeling inside. Knowing that your membership provides critical support to further the cultural and educational mission of the Cortland County Historical Society is surely worth more than a slice of warmed bread. So renew or become a member today and boast to your friends that you made a positive difference in Cortland. Then ask them what they did today that was so terrific and encourage them to join too!

Membership Levels

Senior (optional, +65) $25
Individual $35
Family $45
Supporting $75
Sustaining (Cody Higgins Club) $150
Sponsor (Charles Jones Club) $300
Curator (Mary Ann Kane Club) $500
Benefactor (Joan Seidenburg Club) $1,000
Life Membership $10,000

Member Benefits

Members have free access to the Kellogg Memorial Research Library and the Suggett House Museum and a discount on selected items in the gift shop.

Online membership application


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